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Dental Bridge

3D rendering of a dental bridge being placed over a missing tooth gap that is flanked by two shaved down teeth Dental bridges get their name from the fact that they bridge gaps between two teeth. Though you have missing teeth, a dental bridge can be utilized to fill in the gaps and make it look as if all of your teeth are healthy and undamaged. The crowns are used to secure the bridge; a bridge is typically an effective cosmetic, restorative dentistry treatment if you are missing a single tooth or some neighboring teeth.

Dental implants can also be used to hold full arch bridges in place. If you lack one or even several teeth, our skilled team at Hidden Springs Family Dentistry can prescribe a bridge. Gaps from missing teeth can cause your remaining teeth to move or rotate into the empty areas, resulting in a poor bite. A bridge is a permanent treatment for restoring lost teeth made up of three or more crowns that are connected.

Why Do You Need a Dental Bridge?

Missing teeth may be far more than an aesthetic catastrophe. Your dental health may suffer if you are missing teeth. The jawbone beneath your lost tooth is prone to decay. The remaining teeth will likewise shift and migrate, resulting in crooked teeth and mismatched bites.

Missing teeth can also cause your facial muscles to sag, making it difficult to eat and talk normally. It is critical to replace lost teeth with a dental bridge or another type of treatment to avoid future oral health issues. It is possible to get both cosmetic and therapeutic dental treatment; thus, they are frequently used to replace missing teeth. Three or more crowns are connected and can be implanted with either restorative dentistry or implants.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

•  Smile Makeover - Patients with lost teeth who want to restore their smile might consider dental bridges. When you are confident in the look of your smile, you will smile more frequently, which will improve your quality of life. This is a crucial factor to consider when deciding if a dental bridge is the best choice for you.
•  Chewing and speaking - Another significant advantage is the ability to chew properly and talk effectively. Certain types of food might be difficult or painful to chew after a patient has lost a tooth. Word pronunciation might also deteriorate as a result. These problems can be resolved with a dental bridge.
•  Maintain the natural shape of the face - When you lose a tooth, the jawbone beneath the gap may begin to deteriorate. Tooth roots promote bone cell production in the jawbone. As a result, it is critical to ensure that the area of the gums where the tooth is absent is still activated.
•  Preventing teeth movement - A dental bridge might aid in the retention of your original teeth. When you use a restoration element like a dental bridge to fill gaps along your gum line, your other natural teeth are far less prone to shift and become unstable.

Who is a Candidate for Dental Bridges?

Most individuals who are missing teeth can benefit from a dental bridge as a repair. Patients, on the other hand, must have enough support from both sides to guarantee placement. Depending on their needs, individuals may have a dental implant put in to support one or both ends of the bridge. During the initial appointment, our staff analyzes the patient to see if a dental bridge is a good fit for them.

The dental history of a patient will determine the applicability of dental bridges during the dental healthcare period. If you have sustained major tooth loss, but you are not sure of what treatment options are available, then we here at Hidden Springs Family Dentistry can discuss dental bridges with you. To learn more, please do not hesitate to call us at (971) 414-3994 today for more information or to schedule an appointment at our office.
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