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Dental Exam

Woman smiling while dentist talks. A dental examination is essential for maintaining the health of your mouth and teeth. Minor problems will go undiagnosed and worsen if a bi-annual exam is not performed. Exams are necessary because they remove the hardened film, sediment, and stains that may wreak havoc on gum health. Every year, you should get a dental exam. A dental exam is all about evaluating your teeth and gums now so that you may avoid any potential dental issues later on. Our experts at Hidden Springs Family Dentistry are trained to examine your oral health.

What Occurs in a Dental Exam?

Preventive dentistry encompasses a wide range of dental procedures targeted at improving your long-term oral health. In contrast to other dental professions that focus on treatment techniques, it is the most conservative branch of dentistry in that it emphasizes keeping healthy teeth and gums to prevent dental issues from occurring. Regular dental examinations are an essential element of preventative health care. Our team will examine your teeth and gums, checking for gum disease and cavities during a dental examination. The exam involves an assessment of your risk of developing additional oral issues as well as a visual examination of your mouth cavity, jaw, and lips for anomalies. Many diagnostic techniques may be included in a dental exam. Our team will most likely review your nutrition and oral hygiene practices with you, as well as demonstrate correct cleaning procedures.

Benefits of Dental Exams

During a routine checkup, your dentist will search for indications of tooth decay and the formation of cavities. These issues can infect the tooth stem (the elastic fibers in the tooth's center) and extend to the base and beyond. Plaque and tartar buildup, which can potentially cause gum disease, is one indicator of probable dental caries. A dental checkup, however, is much more than just looking for decay and cavities. Dental examinations can reveal a variety of additional problems, including:
•  Cancer of the mouth - Dentists identify the majority of oral and throat malignancies during routine checkups. Cancer has a high survival probability if it is specified in its initial stages.
•  Gum disease - Deep gaps between your gums and teeth might be an indication of gum disease (periodontitis), which is a significant cause of tooth loss.
•  Several medical problems - Your dentist will examine you to see whether you have bad breath, which can be caused by a range of conditions such as a yeast infection in the mouth, lung difficulties, or hypertension.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Exams?

Dental examinations and cleanings are appropriate for people of all ages. It is suggested that children as young as one year old come in for their first exam and cleaning.

If you have not had your teeth examined in a while, developing a healthier oral health regimen is always vital. Our trained team are here at Hidden Springs Family Dentistry will be happy to get you set up for a dental exam. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (971) 414-3994.
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