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Periodontal Maintenance and Care

Diagram of teeth and gum cleaningGum disease is a common dental issue however, it can also be avoided. Gum disease is due to not properly caring for teeth such as brushing and flossing at least twice a day. At Hidden Springs Family Dentistry, Periodontal (gum) disease is an infection of the cells that support your teeth. It is usually caused by inadequate cleaning and flossing practices, which enable plaque and bacteria to develop and solidify on the teeth. In its severe stages, periodontal disease can cause irritated, swollen gums, unpleasant chewing issues, and even tooth decay. Therefore, periodontal disease occurs when the gums get inflamed.

Early therapy can help mitigate damage and prevent the disease from developing. If you have gum disease, you must act quickly to prevent it from progressing. If you are a candidate for periodontal maintenance, our experienced staff at Hidden Springs Family Dentistry is ready to assist you.

Need for Preventive Periodontal Care

Periodontal maintenance and care is comparable to routine cleanings, although it does differ. For one thing, you will most likely require these sessions more frequently; you will need to return every three or four months. Furthermore, frequent cleanings serve as a preventative treatment, whereas periodontal maintenance addresses current issues with your dental health. When you come for periodontal maintenance, our qualified hygienist will remove tartar in the same way they would with a routine cleaning. Our skilled team goes between your teeth and down to your gums; this is referred to as scaling and root planing. They will also look at the pockets in your gums.

Our expert team notices any infection or redness in these pockets; they will select the most suitable therapy for the region to aid in disinfection and disease management or inflammation. Periodontal care is a cleaning treatment that is used to clean the teeth thoroughly. Periodontal maintenance is an essential dental therapy for slowing the growth of periodontitis.

Benefits of Preventive Periodontal Care

•  Tartar elimination - Plaque buildup in the mouth cavity can cause significant periodontal issues. Even with the most acceptable brushing procedures, removing food debris, germs, and stains from gum pockets can be difficult. Detection and treatment problems like tartar and plaque accumulation, requires specialized dental equipment.
•  Aesthetics - It is difficult to be confident in a compromised smile by yellowing, discolored teeth. Maintenance can remove unattractive stains from the teeth and restore your smile.
•  Fresh breath - Periodontal disease is frequently characterized by persistent foul breath. Bad breath is typically caused by a mix of decaying food particles beneath the gum line, potential ulceration from gum infection, and periodontal issues. Plaque, calculus, and bacteria elimination improves breath and relieves inflammation.
•  Recognition of health concerns - Numerous health problems can be addressed with a visit to our skilled team. Because prophylaxis is a comprehensive examination of the whole oral cavity, our trained team may screen for oral cancer, assess the risk of periodontitis, and frequently detect symptoms of medical conditions such as diabetes and renal difficulties.

Who is a Candidate for Preventive Maintenance and Care?

Periodontal maintenance is typically recommended for those with severe or advanced disease around their gums and the tissues that support their teeth. If you have dental problems, you may notice swollen, reddish, or bleeding gums. Deep pockets will develop between your gums and teeth.

If you have significant periodontal disease and are unsure about your treatment options, we can discuss our preventive periodontal maintenance and care plan with you at Hidden Springs Family Dentistry. For further information or to schedule an appointment at our office, please call (971) 414-3994.
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Periodontal Care & Maintenance West Linn OR
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