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Sports Guard

Close up of a hand holding a sports guard against a black background A mouth guard, sometimes known as a sports guard, is worn over your teeth to safeguard them from harm. They are generally worn on the top teeth and are intended to protect them your jaw, teeth, and gums from sustaining injury. Mouth guards are the most appropriate equipment for preventing oral injuries, cushioning the tooth, gums, cheekbones, and chin. The technique is straightforward; our skilled team will take impressions of both your upper and lower teeth. They will be delivered to the dental lab, where our experienced team will create your personalized mouth guard.

Over time, your sports mouth guard will need to be replaced. Please bring it to your check ups, and our dentist will examine it for wear and tear. If you are in need of a sports mouth guard, our experienced staff at Hidden Springs Family Dentistry is ready to assist you in protecting your mouth.

All About Sports Mouth Guards

You must safeguard your mouth if you engage in contact sports or athletic activities. Preventive oral appliances, like a personalized, easy-to-wear mouth guard, can assist you to avoid tooth damage, crowns and root cracks, and even maxillofacial injuries. Only a custom-fitted mouth guard created by our professional dental staff can give optimum protection and peace of mind. Our skilled team collaborates with you one-on-one to design a personal mouth guard. They are comfortable, does not limit breathing, remains securely and safely in position, and contains chemicals that enable the maximum degree of absorption and distribution. It is derived from durable material that can be readily shaped to fit perfectly over your teeth and gums.

Benefits of Sports Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guards can help:
•  Prevent tooth damage - Because of the cushioning provided by mouth guards, wearing one helps reduce tooth damage. It aids in the prevention of cuts and bruises within the mouth. Mouth guards provide a barrier between dental equipment (such as braces) that might cause injuries in the mouth, particularly the gums and cheeks. This barrier also acts as a cushion, lowering a sports player's chance of getting bruised within the mouth.
•  Aid in the prevention of jaw injuries - Mouth guards serve to protect the jaw from harm. Ruptured jaws, jaw cracks, and fractured jawbones are all common injuries among athletes.
•  Aid in the prevention of head, neck, and brain injuries -Using a mouth guard not only safeguards the teeth and jaw from harm but also helps avoid spine and brain injuries in athletes. Concussion and intracranial hemorrhaging are two of the most severe injuries that can occur when participating in sports. By wearing a custom-fit mouth guard, athletes can enhance their chances of minimizing these catastrophic injuries.

If you participate in sports or like being active, you are well aware of the necessity of protecting yourself against injury. Depending on the activity, you have a variety of alternatives for protective equipment. Mouth guards for sports should be considered essential components of sporting equipment. They are intended to decrease the risk of tooth and mouth damage and should be worn by anybody at risk, not only professional athletes.

Who is a Candidate for Sports Mouth Guards?

Tennis, volleyball, cricket, football, rugby, and lacrosse players aged 10 to 15 are most impacted by lost or broken teeth. Those who indulge in non-contact or leisure activities such as snowboarding, rock climbing, or mountaineering, on the other hand, might benefit from wearing a mouthguard.

During your initial visit with us, your medical history will be used to determine whether a mouth guard is appropriate for you. At Hidden Springs Family Dentistry, we can talk to you about mouth guard safety. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at (971) 414-3994 for additional information or to set up an appointment.
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